Never say die. I've tried, and it doesn't actually make people die.

Here are words. See words run. Run words, run.

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A pathetic attempt to justify a worthless world view.....
Fuck whoever did it. Catch them and sling them in jail to rot, we'll mourn the dead and then we'll go back to living our lives as we damn well feel like. So you can stick your "Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic" up your collective arse, because we've been bombed by professionals and frankly you aren't all that.

The point about civilisation is that the barbarians are always at the gate, there's no need to dignify them with any more attention than is strictly necessary. The best response to any collection of fucknuts is to ignore them and not let anything change because of them. This applies as much to anyone who gets hysterical about these crimes as it does to the criminals.

I'll save the rant about perspective for another day.

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someones commented somewhere on lj about the american newscasters not being able to understand why "we" werent running around in circles like screaming idiots. apparently their correspondant in london was trying to explain how we are a people who cope and they just weren't getting it.

'tis called stiff upper lip sunshine - watch and learn...

In London's case more like years of practice from the 80's.

I've just realised about the buses...

Remember in "On the Buses" that 70's sitcom/films.

Blakey used to always say, "I'll get you Butler!"

Maybe he finally did.

Re: I've just realised about the buses...

15 minutes and no outrage. I must be slipping.

Just one American's Opinion...

I think "you" guys are going to fuck them up.

My prayers are with you, Carl.

Its a bit weird really, as I just spoke to my folks, and my dad tells me the current body count in London is the same as at the Nypro explosion in the 70s (my dad was working there at the time).
I guess it only proves that shit happens, whether it's intentional or not.

Catch them and sling them in jail to rot

I would have said "catch them and have them skull-fucked by crackheads til they die" but people say I'm too extreme.

I agree with the rest though.

Fucking bunch of good-for-nothing, high-horse-riding, Quoran mis-reading peasants. I hope the cops save on ammo and kick them to death.

well said
'nice try dudes but really, pfft, is that it? meh, now what's for dinner...'

I like the Daily Star headline the best today - 'Bastards'. Says it all really.

(Deleted comment)
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