Never say die. I've tried, and it doesn't actually make people die.

Here are words. See words run. Run words, run.

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No-one ever had a sexual fantasy of being tied to a bed and ravished by someone dressed as a liberal
Just formalising the whole Friends Only malarkey.

Should you wish to be added as a friend in order to view the increasingly rare postings on this journal you'll have to comment,(unless you're already on my friends list, I know this should be obvious but I have many, many retarded friends...) otherwise I'll probably never notice you've added me.


(Deleted comment)


I suppose I'd better make the post even clearer....

(Deleted comment)
obviously it is up to you - I shall be mildly offended if you decide to unfriend me but I dare say I will get over it ;p

(Deleted comment)
can't cos:

1) I'll spending the whole day in the pub with the beautiful mamfa

2) temporarily roadieing for the sisters for 15-30mins (establishing place on guest list)

3) drinking guinness all day

4) starting a mosh pit cos you're all pussies!

5) having my back say ENOUGH YOU FAT BASTARD and calling it a night 5 songs in on the sisters setlist and going home to have my back massaged by my aforementioned beautiful girlfriend

6) mmmmmmmmmmmm

What a distressing thought

Blatant "Wah! Are you all still my friends?" post, mate.

I call LJ drama.

P.S. Add me or I flame you on forums.

I must be one of your many retarded friends because I have no idea what is going on. Please... Make the bad man stop!

I'm already on your "friends" list - do I get to stay? If not, let me know in advance so i can prepare a flaming speech online...:)

How does one dress as a liberal?

Being random rules!

You mentioned you've knackered your copy of BFME. Check out its cheapness on amazon for that replacement copy :)

Hello, I'm a strange random creature who stumbled upon your LJ when looking up other poor souls who attended Stafford College and admitted it freely online. I also noticed you seem to have a few similar interests to me. I won't add you to my friends list unless yo want me to but I just wanted to say hi coz I'm nice like that. *waves* :D

Add away, the more the merrier! Feel free to change your mind after you've read my turgid yet rare utterances, I'm much more a reader than a poster at the moment, though I keep saying that'll change...

As for Stafford College, oh dear. It isn't among my proudest moments... ;)

Just friended you mate. Soz if I was a little spaced/drunk at phono - it does that to me!


No problem, anyway anyone subjected to my unfocused ranting that night was bound to look a little glassy-eyed...


Thought I'd add you as well.....

I thank you, welcome to what used to be my journal when I could be arsed.

One day I may bore again, until then I just fake a social life through the medium of LJ...




I'd like to be added,

Added, sorry it took so long, I was awaiting internet at home...


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