Never say die. I've tried, and it doesn't actually make people die.

Here are words. See words run. Run words, run.

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No-one ever had a sexual fantasy of being tied to a bed and ravished by someone dressed as a liberal
Just formalising the whole Friends Only malarkey.

Should you wish to be added as a friend in order to view the increasingly rare postings on this journal you'll have to comment,(unless you're already on my friends list, I know this should be obvious but I have many, many retarded friends...) otherwise I'll probably never notice you've added me.


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I suppose I'd better make the post even clearer....

(Deleted comment)
Craig is still knocking around Trentham?

See him often, do ya mate. Say ayup forrus and pass on any details you can get from my profile 'cos I can't be buggered to put them here, eh?

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